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Milind Thatte

An ex-journalist and founder of the Vayam movement, Milind works towards strengthening the roots of democracy, talks of new age advocacy and how tribal communities can govern forest resources.

Ami Shroff

Flair bartender, Mixologist and Juggler since 2003. Mostly a freelancer, now associated with opening/designing a bar(soon) called as London Taxi in Bombay.

Asad Abid

Asad Abid, having realized early in life that original content had so many takers but very few makers in the Indian collective founded The Vibe. A format with legs that empowers young spirited contemporaries across boundaries.

Rajani Thindiath

Taking over as editor of Tinkle comics magazines and books in 2011, she has overseen the transition of Tinkle to its latest avatar which appeals to the young readers of today.

Gangadharan Menon

With a chequered career, right from delving in theatre to advertising, Gangadharan Menon is an author, photographer and professor of arts who has travelled extensively across India for over three decades.

Natasha Noel

A yogini, dancer, health enthusiast and blogger known for performing yoga in public spaces. She forays into something a lot of people shy away from -- mental health.

Cyrus Oshidar

Cyrus can easily be credited for steering MTV into the mainstream in Indian youth culture. At present, he is the Managing director and Chief Creative officer of 101India - a digital platform which brings you stories of culture.

Kavita Anand

Kavita Anand is the Executive Director of Adhyayan, an increasingly influential voice in the quality debate within Indian Education, looking out to fundamentally change how it is tackled.

Sudhanshu Kaushik

A student at Oxford University, Sudhanshu is working on India's first consultancy and advocacy group focused solely on young people, called the Young India Foundation.



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